Global Money Transfers - Coming soon...

Global Money Transfers with lower costs

So far, the banks are dominating the pricing and could drew profit from high charges for the bank transfers as well as from the margins of the exchange rate. Due to the payment options SHARE the money recipient has to contribute to the costs. It is a common practice that international bank transfers are processed via intermediary banks causing additional costs. Furthermore, the banks aren´t bounded to legal execution periods meaning the execution of an international bank transfer can take a lot of time.

Specialised money transfer companies possess the infrastructure required for a quick and payable transmission of international bank transfers. The customer benefits from low charges, the highest security standards and the recipient doesn´t contribute to the costs. When a transfer company is involved the amount the recipient receives can exactly be determined. The costs are transparent and the transaction is safe.

You will find an opportunity to compare the costs on this page shortly. You will be able to save up to 90 percent of the charges that your principal bank is calculating for money transfers and international bank transfers.